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As you can imagine, we hear a lot of things from brides to be when they visit our Wiltshire bridal boutique. There’s quite often a lot of chat about wanting to look and feel fantastic on their wedding day! We’re completely against crazy diets but we totally get that your wedding can be the perfect incentive to kick-start a healthy new regime. Wholesome food and great exercise give you a confidence that’s just brilliant so today we’re chatting to personal trainer Laura Phelps to find out more.

Laura has been a personal trainer for more than five years and she really knows what she’s talking about. She’s stuck to her own plan and lost 2.5 stone through exercise and she’s worked with loads of clients to help them achieve their own healthy goals. Laura is also super approachable and down-to-earth so if you think personal trainers are all scary, think again!


Firstly, take heart from the fact that we’ve all got similar hang-ups when it comes to our bodies as Laura explains:

“Typically, we all worry about our legs, bums and tums. I also get complaints about bingo wings but it all comes down to confidence. It’s amazing to see how a few tips, tricks and a little bit of support can change someone’s outlook on themselves. A few changes can allow them to achieve more than they every imagined they could.”

So whilst we can help you choose a dress that flatters your fab features and draws the attention to your best bits, Laura can help you feel great for your wedding day and beyond.

“Aside from the health benefits of getting fit and making exercise a habit, the confidence and general happiness that it brings should never be forgotten. People too often see exercise as a chore but if you take part in an activity that works well for you, the benefits are endless. One of my mottos is ‘healthy from the inside out’ and it’s a full package. If you look at exercise as part of your overall wellbeing, you’ll be healthy, happy and more balanced too.”


So, all this sounds great but how long do you need to devote to your new healthy habits to really see a difference?

“I always go with six, eight and twelve week markers to be realistic. It can take six weeks to kill bad habits and build new, healthy ones as well as starting to see sustainable weight loss. By eight weeks, it’s likely that others will be noticing the difference in your appearance and you’ll be feeling confident like never before. After twelve weeks, the changes will be visible and you’ll be hitting the goals that you set for yourself.”

“I love building people up and allowing them to become the best version of themselves and achieve the goals they set for themselves. All the results we achieve are down to the individual. My clients put in all the work; I just give them the tools to get there. I’ve worked with so many different people of all ages, shapes and sizes and everyone wants to change for different reasons.  It’s always so lovely to watch someone journey with me and grow in confidence.”

There’s never been a better time to start taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle, for whatever reason. It’s something you’ll never regret.

If you’d like to get in touch with Laura or find out more about her personal training services, hop over to her Facebook pagehttps://www.facebook.com/lptraining/

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unspecified-24 unspecified-41 unspecified-25 unspecified-16 unspecified-10 unspecified-7 unspecified-37Here at Flossy & Willow we Love to collaborate with other like-minded people in the industry. Creating our very own look book here at Flossy & Willow was extremely important to us as we wanted to style the dresses with the Flossy & Willow ethos in mind.


We had such fun on the day and we really want to reach out to those involved, such a dream to work with and we would totally recommend to our brides for their own weddings.


Photography  Evoke Pictures  Make up Kate Kelvin

Hair Abigail Constanza Florals Young Blooms

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You might have noticed a few weeks ago that we declared our love for bridal designer Benjamin Roberts here on the Flossy & Willow blog. Today, we can bring you the amazing news that we’re bringing these downright gorgeous gowns to the boutique. Yes, Benjamin Roberts wedding dresses are arriving at our Wiltshire boutique and we want you to be among the first to see them. You need to read on for details of our exclusive Designer Day…

But, let’s start by introducing you to Benjamin Roberts and the latest collection is full of everything fabulous. Slinky silhouettes, flowing chiffons, super romantic gowns and the cutest embellishments you ever did see have all made it into our edit of gowns and we’ll be stocking the very best of the 2017 collection at Flossy & Willow.

Benjamin Roberts wedding dress

Benjamin Roberts includes a little bit of everything in the collections. There’s a dash of the traditional, a big dose of the fresh and fashion forward plus a few gowns that are spot-on perfect for destination brides. The quality is fabulous (well, we wouldn’t stock any dresses that didn’t meet our high standards!) and the dresses fit so well, flattering you in ways you’ll just love

And we’re not the only ones who think Benjamin Roberts is ace. Over the last few years, the team has picked up some of the most prestigious awards in the wedding world so you can see why we’re so excited to bring these wedding dresses to Flossy & Willow.

wedding dresses by Benjamin Roberts

In fact, we’re so excited, we’ll be welcoming the Benjamin Roberts label to the boutique with an entire weekend of celebrations. On 20th and 21st August, we’ll be holding Benjamin Roberts Designer Days at Flossy & Willow and you’re invited! Just get in touch with us on flossyandwillowbridal@gmail.com or via 01225 867600 to book your appointment.

So, we can’t wait to see you in August. We have no doubt that you’ll become members of the Benjamin Roberts fan club too!

Benjamin Roberts wedding gown

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