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If we’ve got a favourite area of Flossy & Willow, it’s the fitting room. This is where, when you come for your appointment, that all the good stuff happens. You try on wedding dresses, you see yourself transformed into a bride and we all get ridiculously excited. The fitting room is also where secrets are shared and today, we’re going to let you in on a few of them.

As you might expect, we hear a lot from brides during their wedding dress appointment. The fitting room is a bit like a bridal confessional at times! You should never ever feel embarrassed or inhibited and you absolutely should feel comfortable enough to tell your stylist anything. We’re here to make you look AND feel fabulous.

So, here are some confessions from the fitting rooms at Flossy & Willow and we hope that they encourage you to ‘fess up when you’re with us too…

wedding dress appointment

I don’t like this bit of me

Firstly, you’re not alone. We’ve all got a body hang-up or two so don’t worry about it. We’re not judging you, we’re not comparing you to other brides but do tell us what bits bother you. Once we know what you’re not so keen on, we can suggest gowns that are going to flatter in ways you didn’t think possible.

I’m so sorry I’m wearing this

Trust us when we tell you that we’re not rating you based on your underwear. Wear whatever you like when you come for your appointment. Be comfortable, be confident and don’t worry about us. As you can imagine, we see an awful lot of women in their underwear so please don’t feel embarrassed or self-conscious about anything.

wedding dress shopping

I’m not the right size

Let’s get this straight, there’s no ‘right size’. You’re you and we want you to love that as much as your partner clearly does. Yes, it’s true that we only carry samples in certain sizes but this won’t make your wedding dress appointment any less brilliant. You don’t need to worry about your size, whatever it may be.

I don’t really like this dress

Good for you! If you don’t like it, tell us. Please don’t feel worried or nervous about telling us what you don’t like. We’re not going to take it personally and we want you to tell us exactly what you think of the dresses you try on. Explain what’s not right. Tell us what design details you’re not keen on. Be brutally honest with us so we can suggest alternatives. You don’t need to please us but we want nothing more than to please you.


Yes. This is what we want. You, in a wedding gown, happy. Job. Done.

If you’d like to get your gown on, make an appointment to visit us and step into our fitting room soon…

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Here at Flossy & Willow, we’re in love. We’ve lost our hearts to lace and we know that we’re not alone. So many of the gowns we stock feature this fabulous fabric and our brides fall for it time and time again. Today, we’re going to indulge ourselves and see why this material is perfect for wedding dresses…

If we go back in time, brides used to use lace in their wedding dresses because it was expensive. It had to be crafted by hand and as it was so labour intensive to produce, the costs were sky high. This meant that wearing lace made a real statement about your family and your position in society.

lace wedding dress

Nowadays, designers are filling their collections with lacy delights for many different reasons. From delicate Chantilly to bold Guipere, lace is romantic, delicate and downright gorgeous. Not only that but because there are so many styles of fabric, you can choose one that suits you and your wedding.

We also love that this super sweet material is now being used in so many different ways. From layered skirts to show-stopping illusion backs, lace can bring a whole new level of gorgeous to your gown. So not only is it fashionable and feminine, it can also be modern or more vintage and you’ll find every style at Flossy & Willow.

Our Designers Love Lace Too!

Catherine Deane’s collection includes lace sleeves and layered bodices that create really interesting and unusual necklines. Benjamin Roberts also uses lace to create bodices and cap sleeves but there are also slinky lacy skirts and plunging V-necks with delicate fabric inserts.

lace catherine deane

Willowby by Watters’ collection is full of lacy loveliness and we’d happily wear every single wedding dress they design! Gorgeous tops are teamed with tulle skirts and lacy overskirts become dreamy trains. Willowby’s bridal separates are just brilliant and allow you to create your own look with our beloved fabric. Our Mikaella by Paloma Blanca edit also features oodles of this exquisite material and we swoon for the figure hugging designs that are sheer perfection.

If you’d like to fall in love with lace, come and visit us to try on our selection of designer gowns. We bet your heart will be beating faster in no time!

lace mikaella

benjamin roberts lace wedding dress

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