When we were choosing the designers we wanted to stock at Flossy & Willow, there were some names that we just knew we had to bring to the boutique and the simply adorable gowns from Willowby by Watters were high on our must-have list. So many Flossy & Willow brides have fallen in love with these beautiful gowns since we opened our doors earlier this year that we thought it was high time that we took a longer look at these wonderful wedding dresses…



Willowby is the laid-back label from the brilliant wedding design house, Watters. Willowby wedding gowns are soft and sultry. They mix fabulous fabrics with a range of styles so whether you’re a Boho, vintage, beach or romantic bride, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And we do mean spoiled rotten!

So, why do we love Willowby by Watters? Well, we’ve mentioned fabrics already but there’s pretty lace, tulle, satin and so much more. The laces are downright amazing and you won’t find these motifs anywhere else. The tulle skirts are probably the most romantic thing you’ll ever see and the satins bring a touch of sex appeal to the collection. In short, wow.

We also adore the shapes of the Willowby gowns. There are strapless bodices, straps of all sizes, deep V-necks and every dress has it’s own unique neckline that’s designed to make you look great. There are also illusion backs (swoon!), sweeping trains and the most flattering skirt shapes that a bride could wish for plus skirt/top combos that are bang on the bridal separates trend.



The Willowby collections always manage to be the perfect mix of fashion-forward styling cues and touches of the traditional bridal look. On a really practical note (and you do need a touch of practical when you want to look and feel fantastic all day long!), Willowby wedding dresses are really well made. You’ll be comfortable, confident and, most importantly, you’ll find at least one dress in the collection that really represents who you are. In short, we love Willowby wedding dresses because they are who you are – fantastically individual and all-round gorgeous.

If you’d like to find out more about Willowby by Watters then there’s really no substitute for seeing them for yourself and trying them on in our rather excellent boutique. Just get in touch with us to book your appointment and we can’t wait to share Willowby by Watters with you at Flossy & Willow.


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Here at Flossy & Willow we love to promote like-minded inspirational, hard work and damn right talented ladies in the Bridal World. Wedding Flowers are top of a Bride’s priority list after finding their dream gown (from Flossy & Willow of course!)

Grace at Young Blooms is certainly one lady we love to rave about. On behalf of our bride’s here at Flossy & Willow we pitched some question’s to Grace and here is what she had to say …….


What are the popular trends for this spring summer? We are using a lot of Juliet roses which are a peach David Austin rose. Couples are also keen on us creating hanging designs for their marquee weddings!

Have floral trends changed much from last year? Bridal bouquets are certainly getting bigger and more relaxed in style. Brides seem to want less of a formal style and love the large headed roses, dahlias and peonies that are available through the summer months. We are loving also being able to supply our own grown flowers from our Not So Secret Garden, Couples are slowly coming round to the idea of British grown flowers and what’s available as Wedding magazines are getting behind the style and promoting flower growers as an option to think about for wedding flowers.


Have floral trends changed much from last year? Bridal bouquets are certainly getting bigger and more relaxed in style. Brides seem to want less of a formal style and love the large headed roses, dahlias and peonies that are available through the summer months. We are loving also being able to supply our own grown flowers from our Not So Secret Garden, Couples are slowly coming round to the idea of British grown flowers and what’s available as Wedding magazines are getting behind the style and promoting flower growers as an option to think about for wedding flowers.

What do brides need to consider when choosing their flowers? Brides should think about the style of their day and how the flowers can reflect that. Do they love formal and structured styles that can be very elegant or are they aiming for a relaxed festival feel for their day. It’s important that flowers reflect something of the couple but equally sit well in the venue.

What’s the craziest request you’ve had from a bride? We had a fantastic wedding at a local venue where the bride only flew in a couple of days before the big day and we had been communicating via email as she was in USA! Once we had created the Church flowers we had to wait around until the ceremony was over then pull everything down and recreate it in the reception venue. There was a lot of archways which we had to move in  a very tight space of time! Quite stressful at the time but fabulous to look back at the photos as the event was stunning and the bride had a fabulous eye for design.


What advice would you give to brides choosing their wedding flowers? Some brides worry that they have to have the same flowers in their bouquet as in their ceremony and then in their reception flowers so everything matches. This is something I wouldn’t worry about, it’s good to maybe choose a central colour theme for your day but flowers don’t need to match all the way through. I guess my other piece of advice is have what you love in your flowers, they are all so unique and fabulous it’s important especially in your bouquet to be able to look at it and love it, love it as you walk down the aisle and also love it as you back at the photos. So take time to explain to your florist about the feel and style that you are looking for and make sure you are on the same page. 

If you were a bride what blooms would you choose for your big day?I would create huge bouquet of David Austin roses, we just did a bridal bouquet using Heirloom roses which are a dark pink colour and have the most amazing scent! I would also stuff everything nook and cranny with sweet-peas just for their smell as it reminds of summer! I love flowers and always think they can be such a talking point for people, so I would have a lot of flowers at my wedding!

In our next ‘Share The Love” with Young Blooms we are giving them full reign of our beautiful window space. And we just can not wait to see what they have in mind for us!


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Well, well, well, dust off you diaries AGAIN dear readers because we’re going to be hosting yet another brilliant Designer Day at Flossy & Willow. On 30th April, we’re going to be showcasing the latest designs from one of our most popular designers – Willowby by Watters.

If you’ve not yet fallen in love with the oh-so gorgeous wedding gowns by Willowby then this is an event not to miss. These dresses are so easy to wear and even easier to adore. They’re feminine, beautiful and the latest collection is full of softly, flowing skirts, wonderfully flattering bodices and design details that just make you smile.


We’ve been fans of Willowby by Watters for a long time, which is why it was one of the labels we knew we just had to bring to Flossy & Willow. And, it seems that our brides are big fans too because Willowby gowns have been super popular from the moment we opened our doors earlier this year.

One of the very best things about the current collection is, in our opinion, the fact it’s just so flexible. The styles would suit so many weddings from vintage or boho celebrations to the most modern and elegant occasions. Another great thing is the fact that every single gown is downright gorgeous!


You’ll find all the latest (and, we think, greatest) wedding dresses from Willowby by Watters at Flossy & Willow and we’ll have the full collection in store for our Designer Day. So, if you’d like to try on these fabulous gowns in our brilliant boutique, contact us now to make your appointment for our Designer Day on 30th April.

Dresses from the current Willowby collection start at £900 and range upwards to £1500 and, if you order your Willowby dress on 30th April, we’ll help you celebrate with a quite delightful 10% discount.


Appointments are available for this event from 9am right through to 5pm so get in touch to book yours on 01225 867600 or via

We can’t wait for 30th April – it’s going to be Willowby wonderful!

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Now that the clocks have changed and Easter is behind us, spring has most definitely sprung. Spring is a great source of inspiration for bridal make-up because it’s all about the fresh and the flawless and, of course, natural beauty that doesn’t need too much to make it picture perfect. So, let’s look at some of the best ideas for spring wedding make-up.


If you just spend a little time on Pinterest, you’ll find some fabulous nude bridal beauty looks that are just perfect for spring. This is about creating a flawless look with the lightest touch. Say goodbye to heavy applications of make-up and say hello to a really beautiful and effortless look.

Take your inspiration from spring pastels and work with the pale peach and pink tones that best suit your skin. A little colour will look fabulous in your wedding photos and lift your look and that, in turn, will really show off your wedding dress.


We love a nude lip in spring and we really love this look when it’s teamed with well-manicured brows and beautifully curled and coloured lashes. Adding a little sweep of rosy blusher to your cheeks will also give you a gorgeous blushing bride look and brighten your skin that might be feeling a little pale post-winter.

If you want to really rock bridal make-up this spring, don’t forget your eye colour. Again, work those peach and pink shades and bring a pretty pop of colour to your natural look. There’s no need to leave your eyeliner in your make-up bag either but perhaps choose a softer brown rather than a harsh black look for the best effect.


To finish your spring look, looser, unstructured hairstyles are your new bridal BFF. Waves, big curls and, of course, plaits and braids are just wonderful at this time of year and they’ll make sure that you’re a simply beautiful spring bride.


Image 1 – Style Me Pretty | Natalie Ryan | Intimate Weddings

Image 2 – Wedding Sparrow | Cosmopolitan | B.Loved

Image 3 – My Wedding | Intimate Weddings | Burnett’s Boards

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Stop whatever you’re doing this instant and clear your diary for Saturday 2nd April because we’re hosting a Mikaella Designer Day at Flossy & Willow. If you love classically elegant wedding dresses with a contemporary twist, you need to book your appointment right now.

From the moment we opened the doors to Flossy & Willow in January, our stylish brides have fallen for the flattering and Mikaella wedding gowns in a big way and it’s so easy to see why

The latest collection showcases the fabulous slim line and super elegant designs that are just so popular right now. For our Mikaella Designer Day, we’ll be bringing ALL of the current Mikaella gowns to the boutique so expect texture, lace, volume and much more in these exquisite dresses. We can’t tell you how excited we are to share these gorgeous designs with you.


This is such a great opportunity to try on your choice of wedding dresses from the Mikaella 2016 collection so it’s no surprise that the diary for our Mikaella Designer Day is already filling up – make sure you secure your appointment before it’s too late! We’re open from 9am right through to 5pm on Saturday 2nd April so get in touch with us as soon as you can to book.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Flossy & Willow on Saturday 2nd April and, as a little extra treat, we’re giving you a lovely 10% discount on all Mikaella wedding dresses ordered at our Designer Day. It’s just an extra little something to you from us.

The Mikaella Designer Day at Flossy & Willow takes please on Saturday 2nd April 2016 when the boutique will be open 9am – 5pm. Contact us on 01225 867600 or via to arrange your exclusive appointment.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you on 2nd April – it’s going to be a truly beautiful day.

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Flossy & Willow

And welcome to March! We can’t believe it’s almost two months since we opened the doors here at Flossy & Willow and welcomed in our first brides looking to find their perfect wedding dress. We don’t mean to blow our own trumpets but we know a thing or two about wedding dress shopping at Flossy & Willow. So, to help you on your way to gown heaven, let’s take a look at the seven deadly sins of wedding dress shopping…

Greed – don’t be a greedy girl and take everyone you know wedding dress shopping with you. Yes, it’s a special moment and it’s nice of you to want to share but trust us when we tell you it’s not a good idea. Trying to please a huge crowd of onlookers is never easy and it can be super confusing so pick your co-shoppers with care. You really need no more than two or three people with you and just make sure that you really trust their opinions. At Flossy & Willow we’ll always look after everyone you bring with you but our focus is always on you.


Lust – you’ll see so many gorgeous gowns on blogs and in magazines that we have no doubt you’ll be lusting over designs and designers before you even step foot in a bridal boutique. However, a wise bride to be always does her research before she shops. Set your wedding dress budget and only visit boutiques that stock gowns within your price range. At Flossy & Willow, our gowns range from £900 to £1500 whilst those at our sister boutique, Perfect Day Bride start at £1500 and range upwards to £3000. Also, remember that these prices don’t include alterations.

Sloth – clever brides shop in advance because your gown will have to be specially ordered from the designer. This means that it can take around 3-6 months for your dress to arrive once you’ve chosen your design. Leaving it too late to search for your gown means stress, limited choice and an experience that’s pressured, not precious.

Envy – you might have seen photos online or in print that you love but remember that every dress can look very different depending on who’s wearing it. So, come to your appointment with an open mind. Your stylist will be on hand throughout your appointment to offer advice and the team at Flossy & Willow really knows what shapes and styles will suit you best – you might even fall for a dress they suggest that you would never have considered so why not try new things? Don’t envy other brides, just love the way you look and feel in your own wedding dress.


Pride – it’s all too tempting, especially when you’ve found your gown, to want to snap away and share some pics of you in THE dress with your nearest and dearest. But, put the camera down and don’t do it. You’ll be trying on a sample gown, it won’t be a perfect fit, you won’t have your bridal hair and make-up in place and all the filters in the world are no match for a professional wedding photographer and amazing editing. Photos also cause post-shopping problems – you’ll just have to keep looking at your pics and this is when you start to doubt yourself. Leave your phone in your bag while you’re shopping and just enjoy the tech-free downtime.

Gluttony – no, we don’t mean diet before you come to us (we’re more about healthy living than crazy diets). We mean don’t over indulge in wedding dresses. Yes, visiting a bridal boutique is an once-in-a-lifetime chance to try on the most amazing dresses but don’t over shop. Trying on gown after gown after gown isn’t helpful. It’s better to go away, have some lunch and think over your decision before coming back to us than trying on another ten gowns and hoping this will make your mind up for you. Listen to your friends, listen to yourself and make the decision!

Wrath – now this is definitely something to avoid at all costs and this links back to our first point about being careful whom you bring with you. We have seen too many brides getting upset or even a little angry because they’ve found the gown they love but other people are trying to convince them something else is better. Remember that your wedding dress is your choice. It needs to be an expression of who you are, not what other people think you are or what they think a bride should be. It’s like falling in love with your partner – you know when you’ve found ‘the one’.


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Style 2063 front Mikaella wedding dress Spring 2016_1_0If you’re browsing these stylish pages because you’re at the beginning of your bridalwear journey, then you’ll be glad to know that we’ve got plenty of advice to help you out along the way. For starters, you’ll probably want to know when you need to start shopping for your wedding dress (and also what the appropriate amount of time is to wait before booking a bridal boutique appointment once you’ve got that shiny new engagement ring on!).

The answer varies on who you are, how long you’ve got until you say ‘I do’ and the type of wedding dress you’re after. If you’re a bride-to-be with a long lead time, there is no rush. The urge to shop will definitely be overwhelming, but here’s why you might want to wait a while:

  • Trends change from season to season, so your dream dress might not even have been designed yet. You don’t want to choose a gown and then find something you love even more closer to your wedding date, knowing that you could have waited and still had plenty of time to buy it.
  • Likewise, don’t give yourself added stress by having too much time to question your decision. Almost every bride in the known universe has dress wobbles at some point, but you don’t have to be one of them!
  • Not all shops will store your dress, so if you order too early you will have to make sure you’ve got somewhere safe to store it.
  • Most importantly, your body shape may change during the course of your engagement and you’ll need alterations on a dress that you bought over a year ago, for example.

Of course, if you’re getting wed in a rush then you probably don’t have much time to lose! Make sure you’re savvy about designer lead times before you set your heart on a couture gown that takes 18 weeks to make. Opt instead for a dress off the rack or a sample gown that you know you can more or less take home with you. Make sure your bridal boutique have time to accommodate your alterations too, or that you can find a seamstress to do any necessary work.

In the vast majority of cases, we’d advise you to take your time. Use the anticipation to do your research: find out what style of dresses you like, the designers you like and the local bridal boutiques who stock them. Don’t rush into your dress appointments, but do have a good think about budget and expectation before you arrive.

The process of finding your wedding dress should be one that you can savour, so don’t be in a rush to get it over with too soon. As with all the best things in life, half the thrill is in the anticipation of what’s to come!

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So, you’ve found us – Bradford-on-Avon’s newest destination bridal boutique! Welcome to what we know is going to be a fabulous journey into beautiful bridalwear, breathtaking accessories and unparalleled sartorial expertise.

You may have already heard of (or indeed visited) our sister shop, Perfect Day Bride, and if so, you’ll be glad to know that the same laidback atmosphere, fashion-forward style choices and contemporary take on wedding dress shopping is available right here at Flossy and Willow too.

For us, the only thing that matters is how you want to look and feel on your wedding day. We’ve got a tonne of talented designers, loads of ideas and a whole host of ways we can put your wedding day outfit together – but none of that matters unless you feel comfortable and sensational. We’re here to facilitate your big day bridalwear dreams!

Amongst the prettiness and the sparkles, you will find a gorgeous array of wedding dresses in the boutique with a classic yet contemporary aesthetic. We have purposefully chosen collections that are as flattering to your budget as they are to your figure, so you can look a million dollars without costing nearly that much. Flossy and Willow is here to bring fashion-forward, affordable luxury to your wedding day.

It’s a really exciting time as we welcome our first brides-to-be through our stylish doors. We can’t wait for you to see all the amazing details we’ve stocked up for you and to hear all about your plans for your big day. We’d be delighted to get you booked in for your first appointment, so don’t hesitate to contact us now so that we can arrange your visit.

Whether you’re dead set on your big day look or apprehensive about the prospect of bridal shopping, we promise you will feel at home here at Flossy & Willow. We give you full permission to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, so don’t be scared to come at us with your sartorial ideas and see what we can suggest to make sure that you feel nothing short of magical from the moment you walk down the aisle to the second you step off the dance floor.

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