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The Bride’s Guide to the Morning of your Wedding Day

So, picture the scene. It’s the morning of your wedding day and you can’t believe the big day has finally arrived. In just a handful of hours you’ll be making your way to the ceremony and walking down the aisle to become a ‘Mrs’. It doesn’t get more exciting (or nerve-wracking) than that, right? That will soon be you so it’s time to listen up, as we’re telling you everything you need to know and do on the morning of your wedding.

The Bride's Guide to the Morning of your Wedding Day

The Morning of your Wedding Day

Breath, savour and enjoy. Crack open a bottle of Champagne and soak up every second of the morning. It feels like you’ve been waiting for this moment forever, but it’ll whizz by before you’ve even realised so make sure you enjoy it! Spend the time with your bridesmaids and family reminiscing about the wedding planning journey and get seriously excited for what’s around the corner. Pre-wedding bubbles, giggles and a quick pamper session are exactly what you need to get rid of those nervous jitters! Plus, it’s an incredibly special time to share with your nearest and dearest before the big day continues…

The Bride's Guide to the Morning of your Wedding Day

Get organised early on. Prepare all of your underwear, accessories, jewellery and make-up tidily so that you know where everything is and you can avoid any chance of panic. But we always say, wedding planning can be such a stressful time that generally nothing will phase you on the morning of your wedding day!

The Bride's Guide to the Morning of your Wedding Day

If you want to be even more organised, why not create a morning of the wedding schedule for you and your bridal party? It’ll be super handy to know when everyone should be waking up, what time your hair and make-up artist will be arriving, who’s getting what done and when, and also so that you know when you need to head to your ceremony. It may sound a little OTT, but it will save everyone asking you what time they need to be everywhere – that will be the last thing you want on the morning of your wedding day!

The Bride's Guide to the Morning of your Wedding Day

Waterproof mascara is a must-have for any bride, especially on the morning of your wedding day! The moment you step out in your wedding dress and see the reaction of your dad, mum and bridesmaids is guaranteed to be emotional. We always recommend making sure you ask your photographer to capture this truly magical moment as it’s one you will always want to look back on, and it means you can treasure it long after your special day.

The Bride's Guide to the Morning of your Wedding Day

This may sound obvious, but make sure you allocate enough time on the morning of your wedding day to actually put your dress on – it’s not as simple as chucking on a pair of jeans and T-shirt. By allowing extra time, it means there is no rush to put your dress on and it’ll give you a few moments to take it all in. We suggest bringing a bridesmaid or a member of the bridal party along to your final fitting at the boutique so they know how to put on your gown. It can be a big task (and with the extra pre-wedding nerves) so it’s important you know what you’re about to tackle!

The Bride's Guide to the Morning of your Wedding Day

The morning of your wedding day will be such a special time for you, it’s the start of your happily ever after…

The Bride's Guide to the Morning of your Wedding Day

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Reasons To Choose A Greenhouse Wedding Venue

Gone are the days where couples have to stick to tradition. Whether it’s their aisle style, ceremony or their wedding photographs, we love the fact that brides and grooms are taking the opportunity to really express their personalities and individual style. Speaking of new trends and breaking traditions, today we’re talking all about unusual and unique wedding venues, in particular, greenhouses.

While lots of couples are swooning over the thought of classic castles, rustic barns or cosy pub wedding venues, we love the fact that modern brides and grooms are choosing to say ‘I Do’ in a stylish greenhouse setting. And quite frankly, we can’t think of anything more wonderful than celebrating in a botanical paradise – no matter what the weather!

A greenhouse wedding venue provides couples with a true blank canvas for their big day. You can effortlessly create any theme or colour scheme you want to. For instance, add pops of Flamingo pink and neon lights to give your wedding a tropical vibe. Alternatively, you could use lots of chic white and green details for a minimalist affair. Still smitten with the industrial-luxe look? Simply work in lots of concrete and metallic details for that gritty look. If you want something a little more rustic, use lots of wooden elements such as tables, crates, barrels and signage. The choice is yours – get creative and discover a theme that feels perfect for you!

Greenhouses are also great because they lend themselves to both an intimate or extravagant celebration – so if you want 150 guests, don’t fret as you will find that most greenhouses have capacity for larger weddings. You and your guests can celebrate amongst the leaves and plants – you won’t actually need to do too much in terms of décor!

There are lots of different types of greenhouses too. From old-fashioned greenhouses with a certain charm and delight, to modern spaces that are filled with an abundance of light. The natural light also means you will have the chance to capture some truly incredible wedding photographs.

Your guests will adore celebrating your special day with you in such an unusual location! Not only is it seriously on-trend (don’t forget that greenery was Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017), a greenhouse  wedding venue offers you the chance to splash your personality wherever you look. What’s not to love about a greenhouse wedding venue?

If you want to find out more about the 2018 wedding trends, head straight over to the blog! You’ll also find our collection of bridal designers right here, or if you want to book an appointment to try on wedding dresses please do get in touch!

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Swoon-Worthy Autumn Wedding Inspiration and Ideas

Autumn conjures up all kinds of cosiness for us here at Flossy & Willow, from the crisp leaves to delicious mugs of hot chocolate and of course, the gorgeous colour palettes. The season offers so much gorgeous inspiration for Autumn weddings, so it’s no wonder that it is becoming one of the most popular times of the year to tie the knot. If an Autumn wedding takes your fancy, keep reading and discover some of the most swoon-worthy inspiration for your special day…

Swoon-Worthy Autumn Wedding Inspiration and Ideas -

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme for your Autumn wedding celebration, you’ll find that the options really are endless. Whether you choose a luxurious palette bursting with jewel tones, a rustic theme with lots of forest green hues, or a traditional celebration with heaps of orange, red and brown shades, it’s going to look incredible. We’ve taken inspiration from all three colour palettes – as we simply couldn’t choose!

Swoon-Worthy Autumn Wedding Inspiration and Ideas -

For your gorgeous team of ‘maids, we’ve written all about how to pull off the mix and match trend here. Bridesmaid dresses in different designs, colours and styles will look utterly divine, and they’ll still look coordinated and as part of the bridal party.

Swoon-Worthy Autumn Wedding Inspiration and Ideas

As beautiful as Autumn is, it can also be much chillier! Be sure to wrap up warm on your wedding day as there is nothing worse than being cold, especially on the most important day of your life. A vintage leather jacket will not only look stylish, it’ll keep you cosy throughout your outdoor wedding photographs. Alternatively, you could don a cosy cashmere knit on your special day – the contrast of the knitwear against your wedding dress will look incredible. However, a simple shawl will also do the trick, and you could even supply your guests with a wicker basket full of shawls, rugs and blankets.

Swoon-Worthy Autumn Wedding Inspiration and Ideas -

We suggest using lots of wooden details and decorations throughout your Autumn wedding. This will help to create a modern yet rustic vibe for your big day, as well as maintaining that cosy and ethereal atmosphere. You can use wooden signs to decorate your venue and they’re the perfect way of filling up an empty space. From your seating plan to directions, wooden signs are super useful and they just happen to look lovely. You could also serve your guests seasonal cocktails or hot cocoa on wooden trays. Little wooden name tags would make the sweetest place name cards, and they can double up as wedding favours too.

Swoon-Worthy Autumn Wedding Inspiration and Ideas -

While Summer may offer plenty of beautiful blooms, don’t be fooled! Autumn is one of the most magical times of the year for wedding flowers and foliage. Blooms have such impact at your wedding venue and they can be used in lots of delightful ways throughout your big day. Use a mixture of foliage and greenery teamed with chocolate cosmos, ranunculus and roses to decorate a wooden archway, within your centrepieces or to use in your bridal bouquet.

Swoon-Worthy Autumn Wedding Inspiration and Ideas - -

You can work in lots of textures too for an extra seasonal touch – we adore the idea of adding Pheasant feathers or thistles to your bouquet or table centrepieces. Your florist will be able to guide you on which flowers are in season for Autumn, but don’t worry about there being a lack of gorgeous posies!

Swoon-Worthy Autumn Wedding Inspiration and Ideas -

Autumn weddings really do make our hearts flutter here at Flossy & Willow. For more inspiration and ideas, have a nosey at the blog here…

Image Credits: Image 1 by Ross Talling Photography / Image 2 by Fox & Owl Photography / Image 3 by Bethany Small Photography / Image 4 by Matt Horan Photography / Image 5 by Jillian Bowes Photography / Image 6 by Andrea Calvano Photography / Image 7 by Darina Stoda Photography


Wedding Fashion: How To Rock The Bridal Separates Trend

We’re huge fans of bridal separates here at Flossy and Willow Bridal Studios. They’re versatile, stylish and the perfect choice for a modern bride-to-be. If you fancy something a little different to a traditional wedding dress, then consider rocking bridal separates on your big day.

Wedding Fashion: How To Rock The Bridal Separates Trend green and white wedding Whangamata New Zealand

How To Rock The Bridal Separates Trend

If you’re wondering why we adore bridal separates so much, listen up! These fashionable two-piece ensembles suit any style of wedding, whether you’re planning an elegant country garden affair, boho-inspired festival or an edgy industrial wedding. There are no rules when it comes to your aisle style, and there are so many gorgeous designs to choose from.

Wedding Fashion: How To Rock The Bridal Separates Trend -

One of the best things about bridal separates is their sheer versatility. Whether you want to don a lace crop top paired with chic trousers or a statement top adorned with sequins and a feathered skirt, you can literally put together any outfit and you’ll always look incredible. You can mix and match fabrics, textures and designs to create a bridal look that’s completely unique to you and your individual style.

Wedding Fashion: How To Rock The Bridal Separates Trend -

If you want to channel bygone glamour on your big day, consider pairing a feathered skirt with a black lace top. Black accents are one of the hottest bridal trends for 2018 and it’s a look that’s bound to turn head as you walk down the aisle. Alternatively, you could keep it classic by opting for a top bejewelled with elegant pearls and embroidery. The choice is yours – we recommend trying on lots of different styles to find one that is totally ‘you’.

Wedding Fashion: How To Rock The Bridal Separates Trend -

Do you love the idea of adding a touch of colour to your wedding outfit? You could opt for subtle watercolour hues of dusty blue, blush pink or olive green. These pale pastel hues are wonderfully romantic and feminine, and they’re effortlessly easy to work together. But if you want to make a real statement, luxurious red or glamorous gold will look gorgeous as part of your two-piece ensemble. It’s your wedding day so wear whatever you want!

Wedding Fashion: How To Rock The Bridal Separates Trend -

You can also mix and match bridal designers too! Catherine Deane and Willowby by Watters are renowned for their gorgeous separates so be sure to have a browse at our collection online or book an appointment here. If you are having a traditional wedding ceremony, why not wear a traditional gown for the day but change into a fun and informal two-piece ensemble for the evening? A bride can never have too many outfits for her wedding day, right?

Wedding Fashion: How To Rock The Bridal Separates Trend Willowby-Vanu-56690-55423_3

Just before you thought it couldn’t get any better, bridal separates can be worn again after your wedding day – meaning they don’t just get hidden away in your cupboard! If you adored wearing that sparkling sequin top, you can easily wear it again! Team it with jeans, heels or a new skirt and rock that top all over again!

Wedding Fashion: How To Rock The Bridal Separates Trend -

Bridal separates are undeniably stylish and they’re made for modern bridal babes who want to rock a statement look on their big day. Does this sound like you? Then get in touch with Flossy & Willow Bridal Studios to browse our gorgeous collection.

Image Credits: Image 1 by Bespoke Photography / Image 2 by Raconteur Photography / Image 3 by Ash & Stone Photography / Image 4 by S6 Photography / Image 5 by Corina V Photography / Image 6 by Willowby by Watters / Image 7 by Sophie Carefull Photography

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How To Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend

Happy Wedding Wednesday to all of our beautiful brides-to-be out there. Today we’re talking all about your best girls – that’s right, today’s feature is focusing on bridesmaid fashion. Once you’ve chosen your bridal squad, it’s time to think about their aisle style. No matter how many ‘maids you’ve got, finding a one-size-fits-all can be a seriously tricky task. Your bridesmaids are going to be a variety of sizes and shapes, not to mention their individual styles. Sounds near enough impossible, right? Don’t fret ladies, luckily for you and your ‘maids, mix and match gowns are here to stay and we couldn’t be any happier about it. Keep reading to find out how you can rock the mismatched bridesmaids trend…

How To Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend -

How To Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend

Not only do mismatched bridesmaids dresses look gorgeous, they give your ‘maids a range of options to choose from so that they can find something they truly love. If you love the thought of your bridesmaids wearing matching gowns, there are lots of lovely multi-way styles to choose from. This means you can have the same length, colour and material, but the neckline will be slightly different for each bridesmaid. Some of your bridesmaids may love rocking a strapless gown while others may adore a halter-neck. Experiment with a range of multi-way gowns to find a style that suits your team of ‘maids, and we can promise you that they will all look gorgeous.

How To Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend A California Garden Wedding with Romantic Florals - photo by Plum and Oak

If you do want your best girls to go completely mismatched, we always suggest keeping one element the same in each gown. For example, opt for the same colour palette, material or length – whether that’s maxi or tea-length.

How To Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend View More:

If you’re swooning over the thought of a pink colour palette, from the palest pink to a deep rose pink, they’ll still look coordinated if you keep the length and the material the same. If you start changing too many elements, your bridesmaids may be mistaken for wedding guests!

How To Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend Ruffled - photo by -

If you’re an ultra-laid back bride and you’re asking your girls to choose their gowns, be sure to give them a little direction so they can pick out the perfect gown. Offer a colour palette they can choose from, or delegate a colour to each girl. It’s also worth letting them know about any styles, designs or colours you’d rather they stayed away from.

How To Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend -

We adore the thought of gifting your girls with meaningful matching jewellery – this will also help to ensure your bridal party look coordinated and it will mean they can treasure their gifts long after your special day.

 How To Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend -

We always recommend organising a day where you can ask all of your ‘maids to try on their dresses together so you can see them as a collective. It will offer you the chance to spot if any dresses don’t quite work together, and it’s a good excuse for a girly day!

How To Pull Off The Mismatched Bridesmaids Trend -

It may take a little longer to find a dreamy collection of mismatched bridesmaids gowns, but the result will be so worth it and we can assure you that you’ll have the happiest team of ‘maids ever!

Image Credits: Image 1 by Lauren Peele Photography / Image 2 by Plum & Oak Photography / Image 3 by Branches Wedding Company / Image 4 by Paula O’Hara Photography / Image 5 by Taylor Roades Photography / Image 6 by Daniel Milligan Photography / Image 7 by Emily Delamater Photography

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Pretty Pink Summer Wedding Table Styling Ideas

Despite the grey and drizzly weather, Summer is now in full swing and we couldn’t be happier about it. Summer offers so much gorgeous wedding inspiration and divine colour palettes, so today we’re bringing you our favourite ideas for pretty pink wedding table styling. Whether you’re planning an industrial-meets-urban wedding or a tropical-inspired celebration, we’ve got something to make sure you’re all swooning…

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas - -

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas

Let’s Get Tropical

We’re all about those tropical Summer vibes when it comes to wedding themes. From hot pink Flamingo centrepieces teamed with rose gold pineapple decorations, a tropical wedding theme makes for ultra-cool table styling that’s seriously on-trend.

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas -

All About Romance

Blush pink is still a hugely popular choice when it comes to pretty colour palettes for weddings. It’s romantic, feminine and utterly gorgeous, so don’t be afraid to use it in abundance throughout your wedding table styling. From your table runners, stationery or blooms, blush pink is the perfect choice for an enchanting Summer wedding.

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas -

Industrial Vibes

Urban or warehouse wedding venues with an industrial edge are still hot news for 2017. Team pretty pink details with industrial-inspired decorations for a gorgeous yet chic wedding theme. We’re talking pink blooms paired with charcoal black cutlery, against the backdrop of an exposed brick wall. Stylish, cool and the perfect fit for a Summer wedding.

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas

Fabulous and Floral

If you want to make the most of the beautiful blooms this Summer, use pink flowers throughout your wedding table styling. Vases, terrariums and jars bursting with pretty pink posies will look gorgeous dotted along wooden trestle tables. You can use floral illustrations on your table stationery, such as the table numbers, place settings or menus. Pink roses look lovely in each place setting and can even double up as floral wedding favours.

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas -

Modern Minimalist

As you know, we love all things minimalist and this wedding trend is here to stay! Acrylic or Perspex chairs are the perfect choice for your wedding guest tables. You could hang fuchsia pink flowers and foliage to the back of the chairs as stylish chair covers. Opt for acrylic wedding stationery to tie your theme in together beautifully.

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas -

Statement Luxury

Add a dash of luxury to your wedding tables by using plush velvet armchairs as the Mr & Mrs chairs. Not only will they stand out from the rest of the chairs, they’ll look amazing at any type of wedding venue! They can also be used as fab props for your wedding photographs and by using a hot pink shade, they’re guaranteed to make a statement.

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas - -

The Metallic Mix

Pink really is the perfect match for a range of metallic hues. From rose gold, copper or glittering gold, team a pink colour palette with metallic details for an ultra-stylish wedding table. You can use copper candlesticks paired with pink candles, or fill rose gold vases with a variety of pink posies. Keep the same style throughout the rest of your wedding day by using pink and metallic decorations along your cake table and card table.

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas - melissabiador.com1

Pretty Pastel

Pretty pastel colour palettes are also making a comeback for 2017. Give your pastel colour scheme a modern touch by using pale pink flowers, foliage and greenery along your wedding tables. Keep it simple and chic by filling white vases with single pastel blooms. Pastel pink wedding stationery will look stunning set against the contrast of a crisp white table runner. Work in a few metallic hues for an extra touch of glamour!

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas - raisazwart.com1

Beautiful Table Backdrops

We’re huge fans of statement backdrops here at Flossy and Willow, whether it’s for your ceremony, cake table or the top table at your reception. A backdrop is the perfect opportunity to get creative while reflecting your wedding theme and your personalities. Plus, it’s bound to look incredible in your wedding photographs!

Pretty Pink Summer Table Styling Ideas - melissabiador.com2

If you’re in need of some further inspiration, take a look at our favourite wedding ideas over on the Flossy & Willow blog here.

Image Credits: Image 1 by Rebecca Goddard Photography / Image 2 byAmy Faith Photograph / Image 3 by Rebecca Goddard Photography / Image 4 by Emily Delamater Photography / Image 5 by Agnes Black Photography / Image 6 by Raisa Zwart Photography / Image 7 by Rebecca Goddard Photography / Image 8 by Melissa Biador Photography / Image 9 by Raisa Zwart Photography / Image 10 by Melissa Biador Photography

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Modern Beach Wedding Vibes

Do you love the thought of tying the knot with spectacular sea views and the sand between your toes? Then a beach wedding may be the perfect setting for your special day. With that in mind, keep reading to discover our favourite ideas and inspiration for a beach celebration with a seriously modern vibe…

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes Ruffled - photo by Charlotte van den Berg

As you’ll know from our previous blog post about 2017 wedding trends, greenery is hot news for the year ahead. Team leafy foliage with a beach celebration and you have a sizzling Summer wedding that’s ultra-stylish. There are lots of ways to use greenery throughout your wedding décor so listen up folks!

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes Moody Baltic Sea Wedding Inspiration - photo by Muravnik

Line the aisle with oversized palm leaves, or use the leaves as chair covers throughout your wedding reception. Palm leaves can also be used as part of your wedding place settings. You can write the name of each guest on a palm leaf so that they work as unique place cards, or you can use them as an alternative place mat. The choice is yours – experiment and have fun with your styling!

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes -

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes -

We can’t stop swooning over clear acrylic wedding chairs. A chic alternative to traditional chairs, they will help to give your wedding venue an edgy and modern vibe. The versatility of the chairs also means they’ll fit in with any colour scheme or theme, whether you’re planning an urban beach wedding or one with a boho feel.

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes -

If you’re lucky enough to have your wedding ceremony on the beach, why not create a beautiful ceremony archway? Statement ceremony backdrops are predicted to be big news for 2017 and 2018, and a beach-inspired archway is no exception! You can adorn it with leafy greenery, beautiful blooms or bohemian fabrics. It’ll create a truly special place for you to say ‘We Do’ and it promises an unforgettable wedding day.

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes -

Lots of leafy oversized greens also look incredible in your wedding bouquet. Team with pale succulents or pops of colour for a tropical-inspired bouquet. Add a flowing silk blue ribbon for an extra dash of elegant – it can also count as your ‘Something Blue’.

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes -

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes - logancoleblog.com1

We recommend using the same blooms throughout your wedding day so that your theme ties in together. For instance, if you do use succulents in your beach bridal bouquet, you could use potted succulents as part of your aisle decorations or table centrepieces. They also make lovely wedding favours for your guests!

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes -

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes -

When it comes to aisle style, we adore the thought of flowing gowns adorned with lots of lace – just picture the wedding photographs against the backdrop of the ocean! You’ll find that traditional bridal heels may be a bit tricky to wear along the beach, but there are lots of equally gorgeous sandals out there that will give your bridal look a sparkling finishing touch. Your groom will keep cool in a light linen suit and a crisp white shirt.

Modern Beach Wedding Vibes

What could be more romantic than celebrating your wedding day on the beach? If you aren’t close enough to have a beach wedding, it’s just as easy to bring the beach to your wedding venue!

Image Credits: Image 1 by Charlotte van den Berg Photography / Image 2 by Muravnik Photography / Image 3 by Logan Cole Photography / Image 4 by Jenny McCann Photography / Image 5 by Lauren Scotti Photography / Image 6 by Darin Images / Image 7 by Katie Grant Photography / Image 8 by Logan Cole Photography / Image 9 by Nick Radford Photography / Image 10 by Joel Bedford Photography / Image 11 by Sweet Julep Photography

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Yippee! It’s December so we can definitely start feeling the winter excitement! Because we really can’t get enough of seasonal celebrations today we’re looking at winter wedding essentials. So, sit back, snuggle up and let’s plan the cosiest, most Christmassy big day ever…

Winter Wedding Warmers

Every winter bride needs to keep warm. But, don’t think we’re advising thermal undies and fluffy socks! Why not go for a gown with sleeves or how about a lace jacket? If you’d like something a little more weatherproof, we love brides in snuggly wraps and cosy knits. If you opt for a blanket that’s also big enough for your beau then you’re also set for great photos.

winter wedding brides

Of course, food and drink at this time of year always needs to be warming. So, for your winter wedding, how about soup shots, a hot chocolate station and a hearty feast? You an also treat your guests with snuggly favours too – we love gloves and blankets for perfect gifts.

winter wedding favours

Winter Florals & Foliage

Nothing is quite as wintery as fir trees and pine cones so definitely include these in your styling plans, particularly when flowers can be quite expensive during winter. You can use fir branches to make wreaths or tablecentres while little fir fronds are perfect tucked into napkins. Pinecones are also great decorations and a quick look on Pinterest will show you hundreds of ways to use them!

winter wedding flowers

We love pops of festive reds alongside seasonal greens for winter weddings. Think of cranberry and pomegranate tones for a real hit of jeweled brilliance. Our fave seasonal bouquets are oversized, wild and downright gorgeous.

winter wedding foliage

Winter Wedding Cakes & Candles

We all love cake and every winter wedding needs a showstopper! Think of snowy white icing, more seasonal foliage and florals and possibly a hot drink to sit alongside a slice when your cake’s served to guests. Delish.

winter wedding cakes

Winter weddings need candles and dreamy lighting like a bride needs a gorgeous gown! Fill fireplaces with pillar candles, hang tealights from ceilings in glass containers or even use fairylights in upturned cloches for a magical look. Always make sure that you’ve got plenty of spares so that the beauty lasts all night long.

winter wedding lighting

Winter Sparkle

Now, a winter wedding really isn’t the same without some sparkle. Of course you could bring in some glimmering touches throughout the day but frankly, at this time of year, treating yourself to a little something is a fantastic plan! And, seeing how every bride needs great shoes, why not get your sparkle AND a little gift to yourself all in one?!

winter wedding shoes

Images – Left | Top Right | Bottom Right

One: Anatasiya Belik Photography | Gideon Photography on Fab Mood | The Jon Hartman Photography Co on Bridal Musings

Two: Cat Mayer Studio on Stonewood Vintage | via Bridal Guide | Villa Siena

Three: Amy Breeze on I Take You | Danfredo Photos on 100 Layer Cake | Two if By Sea on Rustic Wedding Chic

Four: Deer Pearl Flowers | Melissa Kelsey Photography | Sarah Winward

Five: Chris Scuffins Photography on Rock My Wedding | via My Wedding | via The Perfect Palette

Six: Shaun Taylor Photography | via Cedarwood Weddings | Graham & Green

Seven: Charlie Juliet on Style Me Pretty | Kimberley Kay Photography on Style Me Pretty | Natasha Hurley Photography on Ruffled

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Now that the clocks have changed and Easter is behind us, spring has most definitely sprung. Spring is a great source of inspiration for bridal make-up because it’s all about the fresh and the flawless and, of course, natural beauty that doesn’t need too much to make it picture perfect. So, let’s look at some of the best ideas for spring wedding make-up.


If you just spend a little time on Pinterest, you’ll find some fabulous nude bridal beauty looks that are just perfect for spring. This is about creating a flawless look with the lightest touch. Say goodbye to heavy applications of make-up and say hello to a really beautiful and effortless look.

Take your inspiration from spring pastels and work with the pale peach and pink tones that best suit your skin. A little colour will look fabulous in your wedding photos and lift your look and that, in turn, will really show off your wedding dress.


We love a nude lip in spring and we really love this look when it’s teamed with well-manicured brows and beautifully curled and coloured lashes. Adding a little sweep of rosy blusher to your cheeks will also give you a gorgeous blushing bride look and brighten your skin that might be feeling a little pale post-winter.

If you want to really rock bridal make-up this spring, don’t forget your eye colour. Again, work those peach and pink shades and bring a pretty pop of colour to your natural look. There’s no need to leave your eyeliner in your make-up bag either but perhaps choose a softer brown rather than a harsh black look for the best effect.


To finish your spring look, looser, unstructured hairstyles are your new bridal BFF. Waves, big curls and, of course, plaits and braids are just wonderful at this time of year and they’ll make sure that you’re a simply beautiful spring bride.


Image 1 – Style Me Pretty | Natalie Ryan | Intimate Weddings

Image 2 – Wedding Sparrow | Cosmopolitan | B.Loved

Image 3 – My Wedding | Intimate Weddings | Burnett’s Boards

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Flossy & Willow

And welcome to March! We can’t believe it’s almost two months since we opened the doors here at Flossy & Willow and welcomed in our first brides looking to find their perfect wedding dress. We don’t mean to blow our own trumpets but we know a thing or two about wedding dress shopping at Flossy & Willow. So, to help you on your way to gown heaven, let’s take a look at the seven deadly sins of wedding dress shopping…

Greed – don’t be a greedy girl and take everyone you know wedding dress shopping with you. Yes, it’s a special moment and it’s nice of you to want to share but trust us when we tell you it’s not a good idea. Trying to please a huge crowd of onlookers is never easy and it can be super confusing so pick your co-shoppers with care. You really need no more than two or three people with you and just make sure that you really trust their opinions. At Flossy & Willow we’ll always look after everyone you bring with you but our focus is always on you.


Lust – you’ll see so many gorgeous gowns on blogs and in magazines that we have no doubt you’ll be lusting over designs and designers before you even step foot in a bridal boutique. However, a wise bride to be always does her research before she shops. Set your wedding dress budget and only visit boutiques that stock gowns within your price range. At Flossy & Willow, our gowns range from £900 to £1500 whilst those at our sister boutique, Perfect Day Bride start at £1500 and range upwards to £3000. Also, remember that these prices don’t include alterations.

Sloth – clever brides shop in advance because your gown will have to be specially ordered from the designer. This means that it can take around 3-6 months for your dress to arrive once you’ve chosen your design. Leaving it too late to search for your gown means stress, limited choice and an experience that’s pressured, not precious.

Envy – you might have seen photos online or in print that you love but remember that every dress can look very different depending on who’s wearing it. So, come to your appointment with an open mind. Your stylist will be on hand throughout your appointment to offer advice and the team at Flossy & Willow really knows what shapes and styles will suit you best – you might even fall for a dress they suggest that you would never have considered so why not try new things? Don’t envy other brides, just love the way you look and feel in your own wedding dress.


Pride – it’s all too tempting, especially when you’ve found your gown, to want to snap away and share some pics of you in THE dress with your nearest and dearest. But, put the camera down and don’t do it. You’ll be trying on a sample gown, it won’t be a perfect fit, you won’t have your bridal hair and make-up in place and all the filters in the world are no match for a professional wedding photographer and amazing editing. Photos also cause post-shopping problems – you’ll just have to keep looking at your pics and this is when you start to doubt yourself. Leave your phone in your bag while you’re shopping and just enjoy the tech-free downtime.

Gluttony – no, we don’t mean diet before you come to us (we’re more about healthy living than crazy diets). We mean don’t over indulge in wedding dresses. Yes, visiting a bridal boutique is an once-in-a-lifetime chance to try on the most amazing dresses but don’t over shop. Trying on gown after gown after gown isn’t helpful. It’s better to go away, have some lunch and think over your decision before coming back to us than trying on another ten gowns and hoping this will make your mind up for you. Listen to your friends, listen to yourself and make the decision!

Wrath – now this is definitely something to avoid at all costs and this links back to our first point about being careful whom you bring with you. We have seen too many brides getting upset or even a little angry because they’ve found the gown they love but other people are trying to convince them something else is better. Remember that your wedding dress is your choice. It needs to be an expression of who you are, not what other people think you are or what they think a bride should be. It’s like falling in love with your partner – you know when you’ve found ‘the one’.


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